About Me

I believe in responsible growth and management of our resources. North Bend has a rich past that I so desperately want to preserve and share with everyone living in our community.

North Bend is a wonderful community that I have been lucky to call home since 2011. As a member of City Council I look forward to tackling the problems and concerns that are most important to you. You spoke and I listened. Affordable housing and development, traffic and infrastructure are our towns top priorities and I don’t intend to stop working for you until we have solved these issues. North Bend has an inspiring and rich past and I am willing to do whatever it takes to insure that our future will be just as great. I do not have all the answers but I do have the drive and motivation to find them. I will use all of the resources available to me in this office to insure that our town will be preserved and well cared for. I will protect this community and fight for our small town. Please reach out to me with your concerns, I am asking for your vote and in return I will be your voice.

My Background

Olivia Moe Clayton Moe North Bend Mt Si

I moved to North Bend in 2011 when I met my husband. He is 5th generation born and raised in North Bend and loves this town like I do.  

What pays my bills: I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in nursing from Northwest University. I started my nursing career working in oncology. I eventually transitioned to intensive care and I have been blessed by and enjoyed every minute of my career. At Overlake I have been able to help serve our patients beyond the bedside by joining different committees that have helped to better improve our overall patient experience.