the Issues

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The City of North Bend is currently looking for a second source of mitigated water to put into the South Fork river on days that it is low at any one of the three check points we are responsible for monitoring. Currently our only source of mitigated water comes from Hobo Springs. I am excited and ready to help the city come up with new and creative ideas to help with this challenge. Cascade golf course is a potential source but with only 31 acre-feet available to draw per year I feel we should still be actively seeking out another. 

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Here's a picture of my pups because well traffic sucks to look at or be a part of! Unfortunately we only have one road that goes through our downtown so we're going to have to find  a creative way to make that road work for us. I'm hoping that this new round-a-bout that is being built downtown by the QFC and post office will help keep the traffic flowing. I do however believe that it will take a combination of tools and interventions before we find the right traffic solution for us. I promise to keep trying and looking for ways to help you get to and through downtown North Bend in a faster less frustrating way. 


Affordable Housing

There has been a lot of development that has happened in North Bend these last few years. Looking around at all the new housing one thing that I see missing is any affordable workforce housing. We need housing that people who work in this town can afford. We had two huge apartment complexes go up right in the middle of our downtown. How great would it have been to live there if you could just walk to work?! We need affordable housing, we need different kinds of this type of housing and I have some ideas on how to get it. I plan on working closely with the Planning Commission to bring work force housing to North Bend now! 

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Open Space

Preserving our natural open spaces is very important to me. I believe in keeping trees, I love to watch the wild life that lives here. North Bend is known for our big green parks where children can run and play and fields where elk visit and farm animals can graze. We need to save these spaces and create new ones along the way. We're so lucky to have this be a part of our lives here in North Bend. 

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Do you like to use our hiking and walking trails? My pup Thor and I do and we get really frustrated when there isn't enough trail head parking and it overflows into our streets. We also get frustrated when we go for doughnuts after and there's no parking in downtown. Parking is a real issue that affects all of North Bend. We need to find creative ways that allow people to park in downtown. Would a designated employee parking area benefit our town? How about more signage that leads to parking down our side streets? I don't believe that a parking garage is our answer but we owe it to our downtown businesses to help find a solution that works for all of us. 


Sewer and Infrastructure

What goes in must come out. North Bend has experienced a lot of major growth these last few years. Growth that our old sewer and aging under ground pipes may not have been ready for. Slowly but surly these will need to be replaced and we need to find a way to do this that wont completely interrupt our residents lives or increase our sewer rates and fees.